Chipper’s challenge FAQ

No ability to import .dat files for level?

Unfortunately at the moment reading those .dat files is beyond my capabilities 😦  I don’t have access to tools that can interpret to .dat files. Also, the game isn’t an actual port of the original. It’s a total remake, so in order to read the .dat files I’d need to talk to someone who has knowledge of either the Tile World code or Chip’s Challenge code.

Why so few levels?

As mentioned above, I recreated this game from the ground up. As such, the levels have to be created from scratch too. I’m gleefully building them in my spare time, but levels come with the time I have free.

I want custom controls?

Me too. I’ll be putting this in as soon as I can.

Why is the game so sluggish?

Yea, I agree. I will be reworking the graphical code eventually to make the response significantly better