Spin to Riches

Enjoy Wheel of Fortune?  If yes, then you will enjoy Spin to Riches!

Spin to Riches is a puzzle game where you spin a wheel for money by solving the given series of words.

Features include:
-Full solo play versus the AI with free-play round and bonus round.
-Pass-N-Play feature where you can play against your friends
-More than 800 puzzles
-Automatically saves game progress periodically
-Statistic pages to see how well you’ve done in the past and what phrases you have solved so far
-The wheel speed is totally in your control.

Market Download Page


About altriak
As a Programmer, I have always enjoyed making small applications that people find useful or can enjoy in their small time. It is this reason that I am now an Android developer.

4 Responses to Spin to Riches

  1. J says:

    is there any way to download the app from the web. I bought it on the market and I really like it.
    But since I bought several apps, i am out of room, and there is no way to move them to the sd card. i was told if i could download them outside of the market then i can download them to the sd card. I can send you my purchase info if/when necessary. Thanks. and Great Job on Wheels to Riches. I absolutely love it.

  2. Tammy says:

    I really really like this game and had it on my phone. I had to switch phones and now am no longer able to find the app. I was wondering if there is any way to still get this app for my phone. Thank you so much for any info you could provide.

    • altriak says:

      Hi all,

      I seem to have lost control of the account several weeks ago and am working on getting the game restored. It might take a few weeks more but it will be back up, possibly as a different name 🙂 Thanks for your continued interest!!

  3. Pamella says:

    Absolutely LOVE this game? BUT . . .

    Could you please make it so that it ALWAYS list the BEST score each time achieved at the TOP?

    OR could you PLEASE make it so that we can RESET our stats?

    thanks so much

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