Spin to Riches

Enjoy Wheel of Fortune?  If yes, then you will enjoy Spin to Riches!

Spin to Riches is a puzzle game where you spin a wheel for money by solving the given series of words.

Features include:
-Full solo play versus the AI with free-play round and bonus round.
-Pass-N-Play feature where you can play against your friends
-More than 800 puzzles
-Automatically saves game progress periodically
-Statistic pages to see how well you’ve done in the past and what phrases you have solved so far
-The wheel speed is totally in your control.

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Chipper’s challenge FAQ

No ability to import .dat files for level?

Unfortunately at the moment reading those .dat files is beyond my capabilities 😦  I don’t have access to tools that can interpret to .dat files. Also, the game isn’t an actual port of the original. It’s a total remake, so in order to read the .dat files I’d need to talk to someone who has knowledge of either the Tile World code or Chip’s Challenge code.

Why so few levels?

As mentioned above, I recreated this game from the ground up. As such, the levels have to be created from scratch too. I’m gleefully building them in my spare time, but levels come with the time I have free.

I want custom controls?

Me too. I’ll be putting this in as soon as I can.

Why is the game so sluggish?

Yea, I agree. I will be reworking the graphical code eventually to make the response significantly better


Chip’s Challenge Update

Released an update today for Chipper’s challenge. Doesn’t look like I got much feedback in terms of updating the game, so all it basically includes is new levels. A couple one stars, with one person saying the game is a bunch of moving pictures. Oh well, can’t please them all. That’s the way the original game was designed.

However, in a future release I plan on redoing the graphics responsiveness. I’m not too happy with how sluggish it is now, and shouldn’t be too big of a change. Hopefully I’ll get to it after my next application release

PopUp Blocker Game

I’ve uploaded a new app. For this application I included OpenFeint functionality. OpenFeint is essentially one of a few social networks that cater to phone applications. I first found it on an application called Roulette 2k10, except that one used something called ScoreLoop. They have various features like facebook integration, leaderboards, achievements, chats, and whatnot.

For my app, the only functionality I’ll be using is the high score leader-board, but I’ll probably be using it for a lot more in future applications. For now, it’ll just be a test run for my app below.

Chipper’s Challenge for Android

As I continue my android development I was able to release an update to a game I developed in the past few weeks based on a game called Chip’s Challenge. I’ll be trying to do weekly updates that will add about 5 levels per week.


Chipper’s challenge is an android game based on the classic chip’s challenge.

Download here!